Blogger Cleanup Code: How To Install New Template in Blogger Easily in 2020

Guys, Do You Know about Blogger Cleanup? When we install the Blogger template on the blog, we find that the template appears different from what they really are and got unwanted codes. We see many of the tools and weights that we used in previous templates. 

I know it sucks because I have been through also This is because Blogger saves all the plugins that we used in any previous template and installs them directly in any template we install. If you want to add a new template to your blog and do not want to preserve the old tools used in the old template, you must use the cleanup code; by using this code, you will delete all the tools and plugins you were using in Old Templates.

How to use Blogger Cleanup Code Easly:

1. Log in to Blogger 👉 Click On Theme

Log in to Blogger 👉 Click On Theme


2.Click On  Edit HTML

Click On Edit  Edit HTML

3.delete everything in the edit codes box, 

delete everything in the edit codes box

4. then add the codes below  


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html b:css=’false’ b:js=’false’>
    <b:if cond=’false’>
        <![CDATA[ Noco 1.1.0 ]]>
    <b:if cond=’false’>
      <b:section id=’true’/>

5.Click on Save 

You can only restore deleted tools using the cleaning template by installing them again. – 

      Note 💬:-  I recommend using the cleaning template before installing any template to appear in the original form. If the blog has an addition that you do not want to lose, such as some advertisements or extras vital to you, you should copy it and save it in an external file to be installed at any time you want in the new template.

know about Blogger Cleanup 

 After using the previous code, click on Save, and then  install the new template; you can install it in the way you always use, from the appearance backup/restore, then upload the template, or by opening the template file in a text editing program and copying Guys, If You Have Any Question Ask Me, I will Reply to you. Sure, Thank For Reading My Post; if You Share this Post  that will be Make My Day, 

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